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Mum buys Cheshire home and sells it three months later making a £18,000 profit

Mother-of-five Nikki – who appeared on BBC’s Homes Under the Hammer this week – spoke about her experience of flipping her three-bed semi detached property.

When Nikki bought the Cheshire home for £215,000 at auction it was dated with old-fashioned décor and also had a ‘quirky’ and ‘unusual’ layout. 

Initially, Nikki wanted to transform the entire house but she then decided to fix it up and put it back on the market.

The mum had hoped to go bigger with her renonations, with the aim of adding an extension over the garage to create another bedroom and bathroom – all with a budget of £40,000 and a timeline of six months.

But Nikki, who works full-time, soon found she didn’t have the time to carry out these plans – so decided to sell her home instead.

She donated the furniture that she cleared out to a formerly-homeless woman moving into her first flat and gave the property and garden a facelift.

Nikki revealed that she sold the house for £235,000 (£20,000 more than what she paid for it) – making her a profit of £18,000 when taking into account the £2,000 she spent on tidying up the garden.

The mum-of-five said: ‘It just goes to show, with very little spend, if you buy in the right location, good schools, local amenities, buy at the right price, there is still money to be made on houses, even if you do nothing to them.

‘I’m always looking for properties for sale, I’m always looking at the auction sites. So hopefully I will find another little one very shortly.’

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