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SNP MP is heckled on Question Time when asked if Isla Bryson is a man or woman

AN SNP MSP was shouted down by a Question Time audience last night after repeatedly refusing to say whether transgender rapist Isla Bryson is a man or a woman.

Nicola Sturgeon’s Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth kept calling the sex attacker ‘the individual’ on the BBC show last night, with viewers branding it ‘excruciating’ TV.

It came after the crisis over Ms Sturgeon’s gender laws deepened yesterday after she refused three times to say whether Bryson, who before being charged with rape was called Adam Graham, is a woman – despite the abuser initially being placed in a women’s prison.

The First Minister also suggested she believes a transgender rapist is only pretending to be a woman – undermining her party’s policy on ‘self-ID’ – a central plank of the SNP’s Gender Recognition Reform Bill. Some have claimed the scandal could see her forced from power.

On Question Time last night, panellist Ella Whelan said to Ms Gilruth: ‘Most people at home will have noticed that you keep saying “the individual”. Is Adam Graham a man or a woman? What is your answer?’

The MSP replied, ‘This individual is a rapist’, before saying she didn’t ‘know enough about the individual concerned to make a judgment’ – and adding that Nicola Sturgeon felt the same way.

Ms Gilruth then said that the Scottish Prison Service should be ‘trusted’ to make the decision about what prison a trans person should be in – before Ms Whelan cut in to say: ‘You haven’t answered my question.’

The Transport Minister for Scotland said: ‘Yes I have.’ 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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