Turki Al-Sheikh requests, Muhammad Abdo stipulates, and Abdul Majeed Abdullah comments

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The “Sound of the Earth Night” concert held by the Saudi Entertainment Authority in honor of the late singer Talal Maddah still reveals many of his secrets, and his scenes appear successively.
In one of the most exciting and attractive videos for the audience, the head of the commission, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, appeared behind the scenes of the ceremony with the great Saudi artists, Muhammad Abdo and Abdul Majeed Abdullah.

Al-Sheikh asked Muhammad Abdo to compose a song for Abdul Majeed, saying: “Now we are a prophet who convinces the Arab artist, God willing, that God guides, and composes a song for Abdul Majeed.” The latter replied directly: “I have been waiting for it for forty years.”
The Arab artist did not object to this request, but he set a single condition for that, which is that the lyrics of this song be written by Turki Al-Sheikh himself, so that the latter would reply to him: “Now, but my words are unhappy. I am all parting.” He added that he wanted this song to be full of joy. Abd al-Majid intervened and said, “Muhammad Abdo knows very well what I want.” Here, Turki Al-Sheikh proves this event by saying: “We agreed.”

The consultant had asked one of the attendees to document these moments with video, as if he wanted to prevent any of the artists from reneging on the agreement.
Later, Al-Sheikh published the video through his official newspaper on Twitter, indicating that he wished that this song would be from Al-Badr’s words and not from his own words.

The video, which was published by the head of the Entertainment Authority, received more than 2 million views, less than 24 hours after it was published.
Commentators considered that the most beautiful thing that appeared in the video was the great harmony between Abdo and Abdel Majeed, as the two appeared holding hands, and a great state of love and friendship appeared between them, which Muhammad Abdo ended by directing a kiss of love to Abdel Majeed.

This video confirms that the Saudi duo overcame any negative effects of the statements of Muhammad Abdo, which he made during his appearance with the journalist Ali Al-Olayani last Ramadan, when he described his compatriot Abdul Majeed Abdullah as a stage artist and did not sing any work that lasts for many years, and he could not form a legacy with his singing works. .

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