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I’m an escort who loves dressing clients up like life-sized dolls

When I opened it, I noticed he was completely naked, lying motionless. It was like a new toy had arrived and I could just feel that he was eager to be used by me. 

I knew he was nervous after spotting a few beads of sweat on his forehead as he tried desperately to keep his open eyes still to prevent blinking. I am a patient person and I know that my clients need a couple of moments to completely dive into our role play.

I ripped the box apart to free my client’s body from the wrapping and began tenderly caressing it from head to toe, while paying close attention to his erection. My doll had to maintain this for almost the entire session – one hour – since I love to tease and deny until the very end.  

As a dominatrix who specialises in living doll play – also known as dollification – this is what I love doing.

It’s a sexual fetish where an individual enjoys either transforming themselves or a partner – both physically and mentally – into a living doll. These clients typically wear make-up, dresses and stockings while they take on assumed doll-like characteristics, including a desire to be owned, complete submission, and limited movement. 

They can be any gender (although all of my current clients are cisgender men), and come in all shapes and sizes – nothing is off limits. 

I first became a dominatrix at 30, when I was introduced to it by a friend and lover in 2017. She took me to see one of her clients for a threesome.

During this first session – which was my first experience with the festish – I dressed them up in dresses and stockings, did their make-up, and they both became my loyal submissives for the next two hours; they followed my orders and I absolutely loved it!

Since then, I’ve never looked back. So how does it all work?

Before I meet with a client, I ask them a catalogue of questions, which help me prepare myself for our date. These questions include: which type of doll would you like to become? Do you want our session to include sexual acts? If yes, in what regard? What are your no-gos?

Based on their answers, I establish a clear scenario for the session. I rarely have to buy anything as they bring their own outfits.  

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