Demet Ozdemir and her son lead the advertisement “My Name is Farah” .. and sadness hangs over its end

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The company that produces the series “My Name is Farah” finally released the first promotional advertisement for the expected work, which brings together Turkish stars Engin Akyurek and Demet Ozdemir.
In the promotional clip that lasts for a minute and a half, Ozdemir (Farah) appears with the child who plays the role of her son at work, and she sings a song to him and they are happily overwhelmed, until she hears a shot and gets up to see what’s going on.
And then she finds Engin Akyurek (Taher) holding a gun and standing in front of the window, so she asks him then, crying, if he is a murderer, while he asks her about her crying and gives her a piece of cloth to wipe her tears with, and the advertisement ends.

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This announcement did not reveal much of the events of the series, but it was a promotion of the love story that will arise between these two people and shed light on the three central characters in the work, as the story revolves around Farah, who is forced to flee her country to live in Turkey, and begins her journey trying to survive. With her son illegally, until she witnesses a murder unintentionally, and her life intersects with Tahir Lexis, whom she meets on the night of the crime itself.
Ozdemir, a few days ago, shared a video clip via the “Al-Asturi” feature on her Instagram account, during which she appeared in the studio, accompanied by her husband, Turkish singer Ozhan Koch, while trying to sing one of the Turkish songs previously sung by Mabel Matiz and Nihad Dogan. After he unsuccessfully attempts to sing her a short snippet of the song, she pauses, laughs, says, “I’m just kidding,” and then ends the video.

Returning to the series, Dimit confirmed that the story made her very excited, and prompted her to give up her comfort in her palace in the winter.
The date of the series has not yet been determined, but other sources confirmed that Fox chose Wednesday as the day of its presentation, noting that Wednesday is considered the preferred day for showing its series, as all its recent series, which were shown on this day, such as Room 309, Early Bird , You’re My Home, and also the Disney+ series Between Me and the World are huge hits, so she considers it her lucky day.

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