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US’ terrifying ‘nuclear doomsday plane’ and why some say it must come back

The call for Operation Looking Glass to be reinstated comes as the anniversary of its original launch 62 years ago is marked.

For a particular generation, the Sixties was a period when love became free, the world became less complicated, more peaceful. Mainstream figures like The Beatles listened to by millions around the world, pleaded with leaders that the Vietnam War be put to bed, and all other wars for that matter. But as much as they were marked by a new way of thinking, the Sixties followed a trend of paranoia, conflict, uncertainty, and a new deadly threat posed by the Eastern Bloc and Soviet Russia. Many military strategies were drawn up to deal with what would be coined the Cold War, including US’ Operation Looking Glass, a way to ensure that if Soviet Russia ever prevailed, Washington’s power was never lost, even if the nation itself was destroyed.

Source of data and images: daily-express

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