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Sickening moment gang of bullies launch vicious attack on man in McDonald's

Footage has emerged of a gang of bullies who launched an attack on a teenager in McDonald’s as they hurled chairs and punched him until he was left black and blue. 

The shocking video posted on Twitter, shot at the Conduit Street McDonald’s in Lichfield, began with at least eight people all dressed in black attacking one person who was cornered and unable to escape.  

The video showed the victim thrown into a table and hit several times by a gang dressed in all black before one member through a chair which nearly smashed into his head. 

The brawl broke out as young diners look in horror before a McDonald’s manager walked over to break up the attack. 

The footage showed one teenager being viciously attacked by the gang but the police confirm two teenagers were injured when they were called to the fast food chain.  

The video oringallyshot on snapchat was captioned: ‘Ion wanna hear talk from no Lichfield yute again.’

The video was then shared to Twitter which captioned by one user as: ‘All these people to attack one lad in Lichfield McDonalds. F*****G COWARD BULLIES !!’

Other videos shared to social media showed the fight started when the victim wearing grey joggers was talking to two others all dressed in black and hiding their faces. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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