Twitter Blue arrives in Spain, the subscription to the social network

Twitter has launched the subscription to its platform Twitter Blue in Spain, which includes the blue verified account badge and additional functions such as editing of ‘tweets’, from 8 euros per month.

Users of Elon Musk’s social network in Spain can now subscribe to Twitter Blue with a monthly plan that costs 8 euros per month or an annual one that reduces the payment to 7 euros per month, in the desktop version. The mobile version, however, has a different cost: 12 euros per month (although there is an introductory offer for 11 euros).

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Twitter Blue gives access to a series of functions that are not available in the standard and free version, such as editing ‘tweets’, the possibility of putting an NFT as profile images or uploading videos to a 1080p resolution.

The ads shown in the navigation are halved with the subscription, which also allows post longer videos and access test features. The big bet, however, is account verification, which also makes posts prioritized for mentions, replies, and searches.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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