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Senior minister insists teachers should be allowed to stop pupils presenting as other genders

The ‘war on woke’ escalated last night after a senior Minister accused education officials of abandoning teachers opposed to pupils changing gender too young.

Teaching staff have complained to Whitehall that schools are preventing them from following Government legal advice which means they can refuse to allow a biologically male child to wear a girls’ uniform, or stop them from participating in girls-only sports. 

The row comes amid growing tensions in both the Tory and Labour parties over transgender rights, and against the backdrop of a dispute between Westminster and the SNP after the UK Government blocked controversial Scottish laws making it easier for people to legally change gender.

The legal position on ‘gender reassignment’ was set out last August by Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who was then the Attorney General.

She made it clear that teachers were under no obligation to accommodate children who questioned their gender on issues ‘from preferred pronouns to use of facilities and competing in schools’.

Ms Braverman added: ‘All this is sometimes taking place without informing their parents or taking into account the impact on other children. 

‘Anyone who questions such an approach is accused of transphobia.

‘Teachers who socially transition a child without the knowledge or consent of parents or without medical advice increase their exposure to a negligence claim for breach of their duty of care to that child.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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