Ulrika Jonsson defends Molly-Mae and Tommy after trolls mocked their baby girl’s ‘sweet’ name

Ulrika Jonsson, 55, joked that she ‘chosen a good trainspotter name’ for her own son, but argued there was nothing wrong with the name the former couple of Love Island Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury, both 23, had given away their first-born child. On Monday, the couple delighted their fans when they learned that Molly-Mae had given birth and then shared their daughter’s unusual name with the world.

Shortly after the birth of their baby girl, the couple announced that they had named her “Bambi”.

However, the star was unfortunately forced to disable comments on her Instagram post after people started stalking her for the single name.

Defending Molly-Mae in her latest column, Ulrika wrote: “She is being trolled for calling newborn Bambi – but I think, why not? It’s quite sweet.

“Although her daughter may not like the name once she reaches school age. Or starts dating.

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“Therefore, I chose a good trainspotter name for my youngest – Malcolm. You can’t argue with this,” she wrote in her post for the Sun.

Ulrika also pointed out how young Bambi is likely to “help” her mother’s burgeoning social media career.

“I suspect Bambi isn’t just any old newborn. She’s going to help make Molly-Mae one of the biggest mumfluencers around.”

Before giving birth, Molly-Mae admitted she knew her daughter’s name would divide fans.

I think you’ll either love it or hate it – but we love it.

“It’s super unusual, super different, no one will guess because it’s not really a name.

“It’s not made up, it’s absolutely not made up, I can’t explain it. It’s just not a name that’s been used before.

“It’s very, very different and rare and you’re going to love it or hate it,” she concluded.

Fans have since speculated that Tommy and Molly-Mae watched the Disney movie Bambi, where an animated young man experiences a lot of grief early in his life.

However, the name also has a few other meanings apart from the iconic Disney character.

For example, the Italian words “bambino” and “bambina” mean “baby boy” and “baby girl”, respectively.

In Korean, the name also roughly translates to “night rain” and in Arabic it can mean “rose”.

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