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Police searching for aristocrat and sex offender boyfriend raise fears about their newborn baby

Police are continuing their search for a missing aristocrat and her rapist boyfriend as fears mount over their newborn baby.

Constance Marten, 35, and Mark Gordon, 48, went missing with their baby on January 5, but it is believed that they have been camping out in the Sussex countryside.

Officers are increasingly concerned about the newborn, pleading with Gordon and Marten to let them know they are safe.

Police said ‘finding the baby remains our top priority’ as they are ‘increasingly concerned’ for its wellbeing. 

Addressing Marten and Gordon directly, Detective Superintendent Lewis Basford said: ‘Constance and Mark, your baby has spent the first month of its short life exposed to the elements when it should be safe and warm and, most importantly, seen by medics.

‘After a month you must be running low on cash. Please pick up the phone and let us know, at the very least, that you are okay. We are ready to come to you and see that you and the baby get medical attention.’

Det Supt Basford added to the authorities’ concern over the child: ‘For a month now Mark, Constance and her new-born have been continually on the move in sub-zero temperatures with no medical attention and we are increasingly concerned for their wellbeing.

‘We know that the baby was still alive on 8 January and finding the baby remains our top priority. Maybe you have information but were reluctant to come forward to help us find the family. It does not matter why you did not speak to us earlier, what matters is doing the right thing now for the good of this highly vulnerable infant.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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