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BP profits more than doubled to £23billion last year as households struggled with energy bills 

BP profits more than doubled to £23billion last year as the oil major benefitted from runaway gas prices caused by the war in Ukraine.

The results, which come as households continue to struggle with high gas and electricity bills, prompted fresh calls for a higher windfall tax on energy firms.  

The firm said that the result had been affected by its gas marketing division, which saw below average results after an exceptional third quarter.

BP’s profits are the focus of another political row today, with shadow climate secretary Ed Miliband calling on the Government to introduce a ‘proper’ windfall tax’.

‘It’s yet another day of enormous profits at an energy giant, the windfalls of war, coming out of the pockets of the British people,’ he said. 

‘What is outrageous is that as energy giants rake in these sums, Rishi Sunak still refuses to bring in a proper windfall tax.

‘This is why people are sick and tired of the way the country is run under the Tories.

‘In just eight weeks time, the Government plans to allow the energy price cap to rise to £3,000. Labour would use a proper windfall tax to stop prices going up in April.’ 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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