Kivanc Tatlitug donates this amount to the earthquake victims in Turkey

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria, with a magnitude of 7.8, claimed the lives of more than 3 thousand people and injured more than 12 thousand people, as of the moment of writing this news, while the search is still underway for any survivors or injured people under the rubble.

It is clear that this tragic disaster that struck his country, Turkey, prompted the Turkish star Kivanc Tatlitug to donate a sum of money to the victims who were affected as a result of what happened, as did the actress Handa Archel.

According to Turkish media, the star of “Forbidden Love” donated 200,000 Turkish liras, or the equivalent of 10,000 dollars.

He was not the only Turkish star to donate, as some sources confirmed that Turkish actor Burak Deniz also donated 150,000 Turkish liras, or approximately $8,000, while Turkish singer Mustafa Ceceli donated 200,000 liras.

  • Karam Boursin
    Karam Boursin

The star, Kerem Bursin, also tried to help those in need, by tweeting the numbers of the AFAD Foundation, which deals with disaster affairs and post-disaster response in various Turkish regions.

On the other hand, the Turkish actor Chagri Chitanak, who was known in the series “You Knock on My Door”, appealed to both the Ministry of Interior and the Turkish Presidency of Disasters and Emergencies, and his fans, to save his mother, who remained trapped in the ruins of the city of Antakya, as he wrote on his Twitter account, a tweet asking for help. Everyone we mentioned earlier to search for his mother, who was in one of the destroyed buildings due to the earthquake.

While the Turkish actress, Melissa Asli Pamuk, who was known to the Arab public through the series “Blind Love,” announced that a number of her family members were stuck under the rubble, as she wrote in her tweet on Twitter as well: “My grandmother cannot walk, she is sick, and she and my aunt are trapped.” in the building. And we do not know what their condition is, ”referring to the address at which they live, and appealing to the people who are there to help them, then announcing that they survived after that.

A number of celebrities had expressed their deep sorrow over what happened to their countrymen after the earthquake, including Burak Ozcivit, Demet Ozdemir, and Turkish singer Turkan.

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