Madonna’s new face at the Grammy Awards raises a whirlwind of comments

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

International singer Madonna was an honorary guest at the 65th Grammy Awards ceremony, which was held last Sunday, and Madonna’s presence was never normal, as she formed the event itself, and drew attention to her because of the shape of her new face, after she underwent a number of surgeries.

Comments circulated widely on social media about her new look, and one fan wrote: “I’m trying to ignore the fact that Madonna has a completely new face.”

Social networking sites were full of comments about her photos that were shown while she was speaking on stage, and one of them commented, saying that whoever appeared on the stage seemed like a person impersonating Madonna, while the real one was in the pictures that were shown in the background, and another asked: “What happened to Madonna’s face?” .

Madonna’s appearance with completely different features aroused some people’s dissatisfaction with the severity of the complete difference between Madonna as people knew her and Madonna standing on the stage, while another section considered that the international artist was completely free to undergo plastic surgery and change her facial features if that made her feel comfortable and happy. Some were curious about the magic formula Madonna used to create a completely new face for her, and others likened it to a moving image.

The Queen of Pop crowned Grammy Award winners Sam Smith and Kim Petras for their song “Unholy” and congratulated them on winning the award, recognizing the importance of difference and the existence of contradictory ideas.

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Madonna also paid tribute to what she described as the rebels who paved a new path and were enthusiastic about it.

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