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Producer of failed sci-fi film had no idea Eva Green described him as 'pure vomit'

A producer of a failed sci-fi film did not know actress Eva Green described him as ‘pure vomit’ and claimed the Bond girl kept pushing for ‘expensive’ staff the movie’s budget could not afford, the High Court has heard.

Jake Seal, the owner of Black Hangar Studios in Hampshire, began his evidence yesterday afternoon in the legal battle between the Casino Royale star and a production company over the collapse of A Patriot.

The court previously heard Ms Green had described Mr Seal as a ‘devious sociopath’, ‘evil’, ‘pure vomit’ and ‘a liar and a mad man’. 

Max Mallin KC, for White Lantern Film, said that in exchanges with her agent and the film’s writer, Ms Green also described Mr Seal as ‘the devil’, production manager Terry Bird as a ‘f****** moron’, and described the pair as ‘total arseholes’.

In another message, Ms Green claimed her ‘soul will die’ if she was required to make the film with Mr Seal at the Black Hangar Studios, the barrister told the court.

Mr Seal, in his written witness statement, said: ‘I wasn’t to know that she hated me and had all this vitriol towards me.

‘I only met Ms Green face-to-face on one occasion at a meeting attended by her, the former directors and Mr Harry Boyd…Other than that meeting, I only ever communicated with her via email.’

Mr Seal continued in his witness statement that Ms Green ‘was consistently pushing for expensive, and often unnecessary, staff members which the budget for the film could not afford’.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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