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Sex worker jailed for three years after threatening an Uber driver with a dirty syringe

A sex worker whose nose was bitten off in a fight has been jailed for threatening to stab an Uber driver with a dirty syringe.

Louise Dean, 43, jumped into Mohammed Dara’s stationary private hire vehicle in December 2019 and made ‘stabbing motions’ with the needle towards his neck before demanding he hand over his takings.

Dean then told a ‘disgraceful pack of lies’, claiming she approached him in an attempt to retrieve some non-paid fees she was owed for a sexual liaison, but this was later proven to be a lie as police found no trace of contact with the victim on her phone.

The innocent taxi driver has since given up his job and is undergoing therapy for depression due to being haunted by the raid and the subsequent sex smears made against him. 

At Manchester Crown Court Dean, of Weaste, Salford admitted robbery and was jailed for three years and nine months.

The incident on December 1 2019 occurred at 2.45am as Mr Dara was finishing a seven-hour shift in the Walkden area.

James Worsford, prosecuting said: ‘He was about to collect his final fare when he noticed the defendant’s car parked up behind his in the street and then saw her get out and walk towards him.

‘She opened the door and got in the victim’s stationary vehicle despite his protestations that he already had a pre-arranged booking and that she had to get out. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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