Does Shakira cause the departure of Pique’s parents from their home?

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Since the announcement of the final separation between the Colombian singer Shakira and the retired Spanish soccer player Gerard Pique in mid-2022, the differences that have surfaced to the public have continued between the spouses, and they have become a rich material for news headlines around the world.

Recently, the relationship between the famous duo witnessed many quarrels and reactions between them, such as Shakira’s last two songs, and the player’s responses to her by signing a sponsorship contract with Casio, and his acquisition of a Renault Twingo.

In the latest developments in the charged relationship between Pique and Shakira, and according to a social figure, the parents of the retired player are very seriously considering leaving their home because of the noise and constant harassment towards them by the Colombian singer.

Pique’s mother and father still live next door to the house that housed Shakira, Pique, and their two children, before Gerrard moved to another house after his separation from his famous partner.

Pique and Shakira’s parents problems

Several problems have emerged during the past few weeks, between Shakira and Pique’s parents, perhaps the most prominent of which is the intention of their former daughter-in-law to place a large evil witch statue on the balcony of her house, and direct it towards the house of the player’s parents.

Also, Shakira was deliberately listening to her new song, which targeted Pique, in a loud voice, using loudspeakers in order to listen to Pique’s parents, and disturb them with her and her words around the clock.

They want to get away

Journalist Mark Leonardo explained in his posts on social media that Montserrat and Joan, Pique’s parents, were tired of Shakira’s concerts, and they could no longer tolerate them at all, especially since she had held many festivals inside her home recently, including her birthday celebration on February 2. .

According to eyewitnesses from the same neighborhood, the celebrations did not depend on the loud music, but were accompanied by huge fireworks.

Which increased the tension in the relationship between Shakira and her former family, which was confirmed by many press reports indicating that Pique’s parents really wanted to leave.

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