In the video, the son of Fahriya Afjan forces her to leave her press meeting

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

Turkish star Fahriye Afgan had to end a press interview she had just started in a public place in Turkey, after her baby Karan started crying hysterically.

And one of the journalists present in the place asked the star, who is experiencing motherhood for the second time with her child, Karam, about whether there was a big difference between her birth to her first child and her birth to her second child in terms of experience and feeling, to answer that there was no difference between the two matters except that with experience, her dealing with matters became easier.

In response to the question, Fahria added that there is a big problem getting used to the presence of this second child, while she was referring to her first child, Karan, who was standing in front of her, for the journalist to ask her, if the latter was jealous of his brother, to answer in the categorical negative, confirming that he was not jealous. than ever. Karan clearly noticed that he was the focus of the conversation and questions, which made him start to cry a lot.

Although the Turkish actress tried hard to complete her interview with the press, and ignored what Karan was doing to make her pay attention to him, she could not face the loudness of his crying and his attempt to escape from her and go away, which prompted her to apologize to those present and end the interview immediately because of the embarrassing situation, while The camera lenses continued to capture the child’s violent reaction, as the mother could not calm him down.

The Turkish star gave birth to her second child, Karam, from her husband, Turkish actor Burak Ozjivit, less than a month ago, in the American Hospital located in the Nisantasi district of Istanbul, under the supervision of gynecologist Bulent Orman.

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Earlier, the hero of the series “The Resurrection of Othman” presented his wife with the latest model of the “Jeep” car, which amounted to 10 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 536 thousand dollars, on the occasion of her imminent birth to her child, “Karam.” Turkish media reported that The car bears a plate with the letters “FE”, which are the first two letters of the name and surname of Fahriye Evjan in the English language.

This valuable gift is considered one of the expensive gifts that Burak presents to his wife on the happy occasions that concern them. On her birthday, before their engagement, he bought her a set of Gucci jewelry, consisting of watches, rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets, for 12,000 euros.

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