iPhone 15 Ultra: an unprecedented change in the “manzanita” range is filtered

Each new iPhone generates unparalleled interest and the faithful of the cupertino brand not only do they consume every detail that is revealed about mobile phone models with a dropper, but, impatient as few are, they try to get ahead of them by remaining attentive to the slightest movement in Apple, deducing and even speculating about what the thinking heads of the company would have prepared to surprise their public.

There are still several months for the iPhone 15 to be marketedwhich will be presented in the first weeks of September to be on the market shortly after, and the anxiety to know about that launch is already at maximum levels.

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Apparently, the price of the terminals of this new range should be similar to that of an iPhone 14. Other rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be renamed iPhone 15 Ultra and that they could be made of titanium and have a periscopic camera.

In any case, Apple would be preparing a much bigger surprise for its fans and, not happy with the launch of the 15, it could present one more high-end phone in 2024 that would be above the two upcoming Pros and that, with better features and larger size and pricewould abandon the 15 range to inaugurate that of the iPhone 16if we believe what Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg reporter, says.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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