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1000-Lb. Sisters’ Amy Reveals How She Really Feels About Tammy’s New Husband

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Amy Slaton is hoping her sister Tammy Slaton‘s husband does what she couldn’t. 

After the 1000-Lb. Sisters‘ star married Caleb Willingham in November 2022, her family is speaking out about the relationship and sharing the possible benefits that could come with the unconventional love story.

“When she first told me she was dating Caleb, I was like, ‘That’s good.'” Amy exclusively told E! News. “Maybe they can team up and motivate each other in a way we couldn’t motivate her as a family because they are in similar situations.”

Tammy underwent successful gastric bypass surgery last year and has remained in the rehab facility since. Caleb was checked into the facility dealing with his own obesity-related health issues.

Ultimately, Amy was thrilled to welcome Caleb into the family, saying, “I’m just happy to have another brother!”

The weight-loss journey of Amy and Tammy’s brother Chris Combs—who has lost hundreds of pounds after undergoing gastric bypass surgery during season three of 1000-Lb. Sisters—has also been documented on the TLC reality series.

Source of data and images: eonline

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