Microsoft incorporates OpenAI artificial intelligence into its Bing search engine

Microsoft announced this Tuesday at its headquarters in Redmond (northwestern USA) that its search engine Bing will have a version assisted by the artificial intelligence (AI) in collaboration with OpenAI, the company that created the popular AI tool ChatGPT, where users can search for specific answers, chat with the AI, and ask for “inspiration”.

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CEO Satya Nadella said at the face-to-face event that artificial intelligence is now a “co-pilot” to surf the internetand according to him it is going to “reshape practically every category of software”.

OpenAI CEO and co-founder Sam Altman noted that the two companies have been working together for three years and that this new version of Bing it will help users to be “more productive” and improve their “quality of life”.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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