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Watercolour nails are the new mani trend you don’t need a steady hand to master

From the boyfriend manicure to sweetheart nails for Valentine’s Day, nail art is everywhere at the moment.

But if you don’t have brain-surgeon steady hands, some of the designs seem impossible – until now.

Watercolour nails (sometimes known as stained glass nails) are set to be the next big mani trend. And the best thing about them? They’re meant to look imperfect – just like the paint colours blurring together.

Nail tech, founder and CEO of Ciaté London, Charlotte Knight says that you don’t need a trip to the salon to get this look.

She told ‘Last summer, we saw lots of swirls and shapes on the nail done in a way where you needed a bit of skill and a steady hand.

‘This watercolour technique is an even looser shape, which makes it easier to recreate at home.

‘And the lovely thing about this technique is how the colours blend together softly, reminiscent of a painting, so imperfections are embraced.’

To start off your manicure, you’ll need a ‘blank canvas’ colour, such as a natural pink.

‘To get this watercolour effect started, you want to ensure your polishes are runny to look as close to paint as possible,’ says Charlotte. ‘You can create a runnier finish by pouring some topcoat into your polish or mixing them together on a surface.’

Next, you’ll need to start blending your colour together.

Charlotte says: ‘You want to use a small brush to create some loose, wavy shapes on the nail.

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