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Porn star Ron Jeremy avoids trial for 30 sexual assault charges and is sent to state mental hospital

Porn star Ron Jeremy was committed to a state mental health hospital after being found incompetent to stand trial on numerous rape and sexual assault charges.

Jeremy can be held in the hospital for up to two years. A hearing on his progress is scheduled for May 8, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney said.

Prosecutors allege Jeremy – born Ronald Jeremy Hyatt – restrained some of the women and raped or sodomized them – and had sex with others who were sleeping or unconscious.

But In January, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald S. Harris ruled that Jeremy was not competent to assist in his defense, according to his attorney, Stuart Goldfarb. Harris said the former pornstar suffered from ‘incurable neurocognitive decline’, after medical reports said he has dementia, is ‘incoherent’, and suffers from hearing loss.

Jeremy was among the biggest names in the adult film industry, appearing in more than 2,000 movies starting in the 1970s. He had been in prison since his arrest in 2020.

His severe dementia has been determined by a review of medical documents and interviews with Jeremy. 

A hearing on whether to place Jeremy in a state hospital will be held next month, the Associated Press said

Lianne Young, a former British porn star who went by the name of Billie Britt, accused Jeremy of assaulting her at a Halloween party on the Sunset Strip in 2000.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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