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‘Quiet thriving’ is the latest workplace trend all about re-engaging with work – without burning out

However, if you’re currently lacking inspiration at work, or feel like you’re stuck in a bit of a rut, a new workplace phenomenon might come in handy.

‘Quite thriving’ is a new trend that’s all about re-engaging with work by rediscovering various passions again.

Whereas ‘quiet quitting’ was all about checking out and doing the minimum to get by, quiet thriving is a lot more positive.

Instead, it’s all about reigniting interest at work – all without taking on too much and burning out in the process.

‘Quiet thriving is a concept that emerged after the quiet quitting trend became widely discussed at the end of 2022,’ explains Gosia Bowling, the national lead for emotional wellbeing at Nuffield Health

‘Quiet quitting refers to completing the minimum requirements of one’s job. Individuals put in no more time, effort, or energy than needed.

‘In contrast, quiet thriving encourages employees to do the opposite, by finding ways to re-engage with their work and find enjoyment again, without overdoing it and burning themselves out.’

And it’s clear it’s a pretty common workplace issue – as a recent poll found that just 9% of UK employees feel engaged with their work.

If this is you, and you want to get things back on track, experts have shared some tips on how you can be ‘quietly thriving’ in no time.

A lot of it comes down to perspective and mindset.

If you try and reframe any negative thoughts with more positive ones, this can encourage a renewed interest in things and increase productivity as a result – not just at work but in all areas in life.

Source of data and images: metro

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