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Rolls-Royce Spectre driven: British brand's first ELECTRIC car costs from £350k

So, this really was it. I was among the very first to drive Rolls-Royce’s very first electric car called Spectre.

And it truly was electrifying.

And what an eye-opening treat and delight this super-coupe turned out to be.

Although prices for Spectre will start at around £350,000, the high level of bespoke options so beloved of Rolls-Royce customers means the batting average outlay is likely to be closer to £500,000. So, you’d expect it to be special.

For my road test I had flown to South Africa, where Spectre is coming towards the end of its global 1.5 million-mile testing programme – equivalent to circumnavigating the globe 62 times – with around 1.24 million miles already completed.

Here, the drives were taking place in two locations – baking hot and dry Augrabies in the Northern Cape where temperatures top 50C – and in the more Mediterranean-style Western Cape French Corner winelands, around Franschhoek, near Cape Town.

On those twisting country roads, I took to the driving’s seat for my own exclusive spin.

This was not my first encounter with Spectre.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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