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How expert diver leading search for Nicola Bulley lives on farm with family, alpacas and emus

An expert diver dubbed the ‘Human Mole’ who is leading the desperate search for missing mother of two Nicola Bulley lives on a farm with his family, alpacas and emus and released a new book last week.

Peter Faulding, a forensic expert and founder of Specialist Group International, was brought in to assist Lancashire Police on Monday but has yet to find any evidence that Ms Bulley slipped or fell into the River Wyre on January 27.

He has said that if his team cannot locate the 45-year-old in the river, then he will believe she is not in the water and would therefore be unable rule out ‘third-party involvement’ in her disappearance.

Mr Faulding, a father of three, has become a world-renowned expert after working on a number of high-profile cases including the so-called ‘Spy in the Bag’ case of MI6 agent Gareth Williams, who was found dead in a padlocked holdall in a bath in his flat in 2010.

He was also involved in the investigation into the disappearance of Nicola Payne, a young mother who went missing while walking across wasteland in Coventry in 1991.

Mr Faulding, who calls himself a ‘human mole’, has worked with police on hundreds of cases in the south east, where his team is based, and is regularly brought in to help with cold cases.

He has successfully located human remains – most of which were found in remote locations or underwater – that had gone undetected for years.

The diving expert has also trained military members and police search advisers in the UK and acted as a guest instructor with the US Secret Service, FBI and American military. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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