Josep Contreras, the bridge between Barça and the Villar Federation

Josep Contreras Arjonawhose name has appeared related to the former vice president of the Spanish arbitrators José María Enríquez Negreira the alleged commissions of the Negreira caseHe passed away on December 25. Linked to Fútbol Club Barcelona for decades, he was a member of the board of directors of former presidents José Luis Núñez, Joan Gaspart and Josep Maria Bartomeu. and in those years He acted at various times as a bridge between Barça and the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) thanks to his friendship with the former president of the RFEF Ángel María Villar.

However, the Soule case investigated in the National Court on the millionaire hole of the federation in the time of Ángel María Villar caused a turnaround in this former Catalan director, since He was arrested in October 2018 by the Civil Guard together with the former president of the Catalan federation, Andreu Subies i Forcada. Both were released after declaring before Judge Santiago Pedraz as allegedly responsible for corporate crimes and unfair administration.

His death has extinguished their criminal responsibilities in the National Court, but not that of their companieswho were allegedly benefited from the 22.2 million that the RFEF transferred to the Catalan and the players’ mutual.

Barca Athletic

During the stages in which he was not a manager of Barça, he always continued to collaborate with the blaugrana entity as a member of the social commission, in which his work was especially recognized, always maintaining a close relationship with Barça Atlètic, also during the first stage of Joan Laporta as president.

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For this reason, he accompanied the Blaugrana subsidiary on many trips, being one of the most recognized people by the footballers who have gone through the second team culé. The former manager took his Barcelonianism throughout the Catalan and Spanish geography as the institutional representative of the subsidiary, one of his great passions. He did not miss a single game at home either.

His passion for soccer also led to being president of the historic Gavà Football Club (Barcelona)now in the Tercera RFEF, as well as vice president of the Catalan Federation and director during various stages in which he was linked to the federation.

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