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Putin won't live long enough to see the end of the Ukraine war, Russian state TV pundit fears 

Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin insiders will not live to see any success in Ukraine if the war continues at its current pace, a Russian political scientist claimed on state TV last night.

Sergei Mikheyev, former director of Russian research company Centre for Current Policy Analysis, said on the Sunday Evening talk show: ‘If we keep proceeding in this manner and at this speed, you and I won’t live long enough to see any successes.

‘Our position has severely worsened… We either move forward and stop imitating sovereignty and truly achieve success, or we retreat with a massive failure,’ he added.

Mikheyev’s comments came amid a four-minute tirade in which he hit out at Russian military commanders and the Kremlin for what he described as their ‘silence’ in response to failings on the battlefield.

He also warned that Russia could not possibly retreat, lest it be seen as weak.

He later called for the armed forces to ‘create problems for the nations supporting Ukraine’ by launching long-distance strikes to demonstrate Russian ‘technological superiority’ and to stop ‘playing by the rules of the game that are forced upon us’. 

Solovyov, who previously hosted a talk show called ‘Who is against?’ alongside Mikheyev in 2019, appeared to solemnly agree with many of his former colleague’s statements, but the rest of the panel looked shocked. 

Mikheyev has long taken a hardline stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine and has openly declared his support for taking as much territory as possible in what he claimed was ‘historically our land’, lost due to ‘mistakes and betrayals’.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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