Primary doctors in Catalonia will charge a bonus if they have more patients

The primary care physicians in Catalonia they will charge a complement of between 5,700 and 19,000 euros gross per year Yeah voluntarily agree to care for more patients, according to an agreement between the Department of Health and the Metges de Catalunya union in the second meeting of the bilateral table created as a result of the strike of doctors in January.

After agree on the increase in the price of the resident’s on-call hours in the first bilateral meeting, the agreement reached in the second “guarantees a compensation recognition for the medical staff of primary care centers”, reported Metges de Catgalunya, the majority union among Catalan doctors.

The agreement contemplates that medical professionals who voluntarily accept any increase in their contingent of patients, which is now 1,500 on average for each physician, They will see their effort recognized with an economic supplement for excess activity that will range from 5,700 euros gross per year if they accept 10% more patients up to 19,000 if they increase their portfolio by 33%.

lack of doctors

Union sources have explained to ‘Efe’ that the agreement is based on the fact that there is a lack of doctors in Catalonia and those that exist have to attend to a excess of patients, so the complement corresponds to base salary that the doctors that the public health system would need should charge.

Until now, doctors, who have a basic salary of approximately 45,000 euro, who agreed to increase their number of assigned patients they only received the complement if they assumed, at least one 10% new users in the portfolio, so minor increases were not recognized.

According to the union, the agreement reached guarantees the collection of compensation, although the increase in patients does not reach 10%.


He complement to care for more patients includes five remuneration tranches: CAP physicians, voluntarily, can accept 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% or 33% more than patients in their contingents, with an economic complement linked to each section and a proportional increase in the working day, with 5,700 euros gross per year for those who accept 10% more patients and a maximum of 19,000 for those who increase them a 33%

According to union sources, the agreement reached guarantees, on the one hand, that all professionals with excess of patients perceive, at a minimum, the supplement provided for 10%, and, on the other, that those who exceed the threshold percentage of each tranche automatically collect the amount provided for the next tranche.

Although those responsible for MC consider that this solution “is not the ideal one” nor is it “sustainable in the long term” because entails more workload for physicians, have assessed that “in a transient and as long as structural measures are not defined to attract and retain medical professionals to the system”, the economic recognition for the extra effort to replace staff shortfall is “fair” and entails an improvement in remuneration conditions “more than deserved”.

On the other hand, the union has also claimed that the extraordinary activity of hospital physicians to reduce waiting lists be flexible so that it is possible to do paid part-time with the aim of facilitating the reconciliation of personal and work life.

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The second meeting of the bilateral medical table It has also addressed other issues, such as the extension of the improvement in the price of the hour on call for residents and associates of the Catalan Health Institute (ICS).

MC has requested that the implementation of the measure be expedited “so as not to generate grievances” and has pointed out the possibility of introducing it before the approval of the new ICS work agreement through an agreement of the Health Negotiation Sector Table.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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