‘Wellaging’, the art of aging in a ‘natural’ way

  • According to Dr. Leticia Fasano, a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery at Clínica Opción Médica, the ‘wellaging’ trend is a concept that refers to the ability to age ‘naturally’, without resorting to surgeries or invasive treatments.”

Stopping the passage of time to curb the signs of aging is the desire of many. However, although aging is a natural and inevitable process, it is possible to meet years with a good and healthy image.

For this reason, Dr. Leticia Fasano, Medical Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Plastic Surgery at Clínica Opción Médica, is in favor of the trendwellaging’: “a concept that refers to the ability to age ‘naturally’, without resorting to surgery or invasive treatments& rdquor ;, manifest.

What is the idea of ​​this natural aging?

According to Dr. Fasano, ‘wellaging’ “consists of performing appropriate treatments for the quality of our skin and, above all, of natural result and without hiding the passing of the years, helping to make the passage of time as comfortable as possible.”

In fact, the doctor maintains that Hollywood actresses like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett and Julia Roberts are clear examples of “natural” aging. non surgicalsince “They are women who have prolonged their beauty over the years without going under the knife.”

The doctor warns that the most important thing is to maintain a good hydration and nutrition, combined with a healthy lifestyle. “Varied diet, hydration and exercise along with a daily facial cleansing routine (and sun protection as the great ally of the face, neck and areas exposed to the sun) are the main base of this pyramid & rdquor ;. And it is that Moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the skin are fundamental aspects, also associated with the intake of daily collagen and vitamin supplements”, underlines.

likewise, also we can help each other non-surgical alternatives. And this is where the role of aesthetic medicine comes into play “, he says and acknowledges that” it is about subtle and natural changes, but also temporary ones that help to pass the passage of time, giving facial and body skin a better appearance& rdquor ;, ensures.

So, between Beauty treatments ‘wellaging’ that they carry out at Clínica Opción Médica include: facial vitamin mesotherapy to hydrate and illuminate the skin; facial cell regeneration treatment for collagen stimulation; he treatment of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin and facial fillers with facial restructuring; he anti-aging facial laser for skin tightening and blemish erasure; chemical ‘peels’ for the removal of dead facial cells and tissue recovery…

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Finally, the specialist believes that “the combination of these treatments (adequately and gradually) is a great help to harmonious and natural ageing, always combined with a healthy life, rest and physical activity”, concludes.

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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