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Utah teacher slammed for assigning students essay on why 'Americans should be eating bugs'

Students at a Utah middle school were given insects to eat as part of a project on climate change and how eating bugs could save the environment from cows which are ‘killing the world.’ 

According to Amanda Wright, a mother who spoke with Fox News Digital, her daughter Saige, 12, and other sixth-graders were offered extra credit if they ate the insects.

The essay was titled ‘Why America Should be Eating Bugs’ and students were instructed to argue only one point of view – that people should replace cows with insects as their primary source of protein because cows give off methane which attacks the Ozone layer. 

Wright told Fox she believed her child was subjected to ‘indoctrination’ and recorded an interaction with teacher Kim Cutler who said there is ‘only one right answer’ to the essay when she was pressed on differing opinions. 

In one recording shared with a news outlet, Saige is told by the teacher that she can’t write an opposing opinion.

‘How come we can’t state our opinion on why Americans shouldn’t be eating bugs?’ Saige asked Cutler.

‘Because we don’t have any evidence to support it,’ Cutler replied.

‘We don’t?’ Saige asks.  

Source of data and images: dailymail

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