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Nord Steam theory says bombers in hired yacht took delivery of explosives in scenic German harbor

A yacht chartered by six shadowy operatives with fake passports, explosives delivered to the crew in the dead of night, and a mysterious organization outside the control of a nation state.

These are ingredients in a compelling new theory that’s beginning to emerge for the unsolved bomb attacks against the $20 billion Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines on September 26 2022.

Investigators have now zeroed in on a 50ft sailing yacht, named Andromeda, as a crucial piece in the puzzle. Andromeda left a German port in early September carrying six individuals who rented the boat using high-quality fake passports – then embarked on a journey that took it directly over the blast area.

In another intriguing twist, a huge oil tanker, the Minerva Julie, spent an entire week circling a section of ocean spookily close to the area at around the same time as Andromeda’s voyage. It’s led some observers to ask: was this more than coincidence?

Andromeda left its port in Rostock, Germany, on September 6. The boat was rented by six unknown individuals who provided fake identification documents and indicated to staff at the yacht’s owner, Mola Yachting GmbH, they were planning a cruise through the Baltic Sea.

The boat’s rental was covered by company registered in Poland, according to German officials. That firm is thought to be controlled by Ukrainian owners. 

The day after it left Rostock, the boat arrived in Wiek, a much smaller German port town about 60 miles north east.

German officials believe it was here that the yacht’s crew received the explosives used to blow up the pipelines. They have speculated the bombs were couriered to the crew in a white van during the night, when the harbor was unwatched by surveillance cameras.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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