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The White Lotus hunk Lukas Gage reveals his mother has 'a European vibe' about his sex scenes

The White Lotus hunk Lukas Gage has revealed how his mother felt about his raunchy gay sex scene on the buzzy series.

Lukas, 27, features on season one as the breezy hotel employee Dillon who catches the eye of his tightly-wound, recovering alcoholic manager Armond (Murray Bartlett).

In one scene that set fans’ tongues wagging, Armond is caught in his office performing anilingus on his subordinate. 

Now in a new interview with Variety, Lukas spilled that his mother reacted by saying: ‘That’s a great a**. Get that money. Get that bag and be committed.’

Along with The White Lotus, Lukas also drew attention for a scene on the Netflix series You in which he gets urinated on as a sexual fetish. 

His mother took a relaxed view, Lukas said, describing her as ‘a cool little hippie lady. With nudity, I think we both share sort of a European vibe.’

Shortly after the anilingus scene aired on The White Lotus, Murray explained that ‘I love that it’s not something that we see very often.’

In an interview with Digital Spy, he said with a chuckle: ‘In terms of the function of the scene, I think the shock value of that for people who are not used to that kind of…configuration of intimacy is really brilliant.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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