Princess Diana’s butler: Meghan does not have the courage to attend the coronation ceremony

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The closer the date of the coronation of King Charles III as King of Britain, the more news about it. It became clear that whether or not Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle attended the ceremony became a preoccupation with this news, especially after they received an official royal invitation in this regard.
Paul Burrell, who was the butler of the late Prince Diana, mother of Princes William and Harry, believes that the latter may attend the ceremony, but he will most likely leave the United States of America alone without his wife, Megan Markle, joining him.

Burrell indicated that the reunion between the royal family and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, may not be easy at all, especially after the great controversy that has not ended yet, due to Harry’s recent book, which bore the name “Spare” or alternative.
“It would probably be very uncomfortable for them if they attended, especially Meghan’s,” Closer magazine quoted Diana’s butler.
Borrell added, wondering: “Are they really ready to attend these ceremonies, celebrations, and face the uproar?”

And he continued his speech, indicating that he does not believe that Megan has the necessary courage and strength enough to be present at the ceremony, especially since she will be forced to look into the eyes of the royal family all the time, and she is the one who attacked her a lot.
“She would have to look into the eyes of a family who pushed her under the bus,” the former butler puts it.
And because of all this, he believes that Harry will attend alone, and Megan will not accompany him, and she will not be by his side during that upcoming celebration, and that she most likely informed him of her decision not to attend.

Burrell indicated that a reunion between Harry and the rest of the royal family could be very incompatible, amid the controversy that arose after the release of his book “Spare”.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced in early March that they had received an official invitation to attend the coronation ceremony, which will take place on the sixth of next May, but they have not confirmed their presence or absence until this moment.

It should be noted that the coronation ceremony coincides with the fourth birthday of the son of the Duke and Duchess, Prince Archie, which is considered by the royal expert, Charles Ray, to relieve Megan a lot, as it gives her a perfect excuse to avoid traveling to London to attend this event.

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