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Woman whose Staffordshire-cross mauled a postman and dragged him 'like a rag doll' avoids jail

A woman who pleaded guilty to having an out-of-control dog after her Staffy-cross mauled a postman’s leg and dragged him around like a ‘rag doll’ has been spared jail.

Mark Fox was delivering mail to the home of Gemma Woods, 40, in Bury, Greater Manchester, on April 22 last year when he heard a dog barking aggressively.

Neighbours described the dog moving him around ‘like a rag doll’, Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Eventually, a man came out of the house and took the dog inside. Woods then came outside ‘hysterically crying’ and apologised to Mr Fox, who required surgery for his injuries.

Despite the wounds to his leg, which were operated on in hospital, the postman has made a full recovery.

Woods pleaded guilty to being an owner in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury. She was handed a community order and has to pay a £50 fine.

Betsy Hindle, prosecuting, said Mr Fox could hear the dog and noticed the 5ft fence outside the house was broken on the day of the incident.

‘He then heard a loud bang and saw the dog coming towards him,’ Ms Hindle said. ‘The dog came up to him and bit him on the lower leg causing him to fall backwards and the dog remained on his leg.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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