series "denial" He discusses the ingratitude of his family and friends.. on Abu Dhabi TV

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

The events of the series “Al-Nakran”, which is among the upcoming dramas on Abu Dhabi TV during the Ramadan drama season, revolve around an interesting dramatic framework, about a group of human stories, and the struggle that a person lives with the people closest to him.

And the series in which he plays the starring role: Dawoud Hussein, Basema Hamada, Abdel Mohsen Al-Qaffas, Amal Muhammad, Ali Gomaa, Sheila Sabt, Mansour Al-Fili, Muhammad Al-Ansari, and Iman Jamal, written by Muhammad Jamal, directed by Khaled Jamal, and its events revolve around the sons of the businessman. Youssef Al-Arab, who decided to get their shares of the inheritance and chart their own path, in protest against their father’s charitable works, and the events unfold to reveal radical changes in the life paths of all members of this family.
And Dawood Hussein continues in the series “Al-Nakran”, known for its comedic color, for which he became famous on an Arab level, to present serious dramas that are far from comedy, especially after he presented last Ramadan the series “Ain Al-Dheeb”, “In Memory of the Shadow”, and “Moudi Piece”. of gold.”

Dawood Hussein had attributed the reason for his absence in recent years from presenting comic roles in drama and cinema, especially imitating famous characters, to his saturation with them, explaining: “I achieved great success in what I previously presented, but in recent years I went to drama because I felt that I had spaces that I did not present.” In my career, I am a graduate of the Institute of Dramatic Arts, Acting and Directing, and I have the ability to present drama in all its forms, and the story of imitation has become a little difficult, because we have become subject to a lot of quarrels from those we imitate, and because I am a person who is far from problems and I only think about my work, I decided Stay away from what affects me negatively.

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