Would you know if your car was overheating? The warning light many motorists don't recognise

Motorists have been left scratching their heads over the meanings of different warning lights on their car dashboards.

And some drivers have been shocked to learn the meaning of the red symbol which looks like two wavy lines with a thermometer sticking out. 

Some cars have a light-up dashboard symbol that will warn the driver if the car is overheating – the engine cooling warning light.

But some who have seen it light up have been confused over what the odd-looking symbol means.

‘What does the symbol that looks like a thermometer/tree in water mean in a car?’ one user asked on Twitter.

And another user, unperturbed by their cars dire warning, wrote: ‘I’m going to just keep ignoring the squiggly lines light on my dashboard. I don’t need no more unexpected bills this month.’

But a concerned fellow driver urged them to get it checked out, replying: ‘Squiggly line under a thermometer symbol you need to check your coolant asap.’

The engine cooling warning light is the most unrecognised dashboard symbol by British motorists, with 80 per cent unable to correctly identify it, according to a survey by ATS Euromaster.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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