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Why Tyra Banks Is Leaving Dancing With the Stars After Hosting 3 Seasons

Tyra Banks says she’s ready to step off the ballroom floor.
The Dancing With the Stars emcee—whose been co-hosting the competition show since 2020—recently revealed that her focus has shifted on to her personal businesses, including her ice cream brand, SMiZE & Dream, which means it may be “time” to put down her hosting mic.

“I feel it’s time for me to really focus on my business and entrepreneurship, but also producing more TV but behind the scenes,” she told TMZ on March 17. “So, you know what? I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor.”

E! News has reached out to ABC for comment but has not yet heard back.

As Tyra, 49, noted, her feet may be on the floor, but her passion is continuing to grow elsewhere.

“I think my heart, my soul is into my business, it’s also into producing new TV,” she continued. “I really, really wanna focus on my business and you can’t do that hosting a show, so you’ll see me creating things, not just hosting.”

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