Surprise.. The Stick Man series ends on this date

Cairo: Hany Kamal El Din

It is the habit of Turkish series to be renewed for more than one season or to be stopped after a number of episodes, and this follows many factors, including the audience’s love for it, viewership rates, and selling it to parties outside Turkey, except for the series “The Stick Man” that will not follow this habit, as the production company decided something regarding it.
In the details, it was decided that this series will be for one season only, to end next July, and it will not be renewed after that.
While this news may disturb fans of the drama starring Turkish star Engin Altan and Turkish star Elchin Sango, it was welcomed in order to keep the story going and ensure that it does not stop suddenly or fear the impact of low viewership on it.

Some of them also saw that the strange story told by the series played a major role in that decision, as it revolves around a computer game programmer named “Tamar” (Engine Altan) who kidnaps a woman named “Berry” (Alchin Sango) and locks her in a storeroom in his palace, located in Her love, and abandons his wife and child for her sake, and the events begin to follow after that, especially since “Berry” at the time of her kidnapping was traumatized by the betrayal of her husband and sister.
From the beginning, opinions were divided about the story of the series, as there were those who saw that its story was provocative and not convincing, and some of them saw that it was going according to what was expected, especially since it was based on a true story of a patient who was seeing a psychiatrist.
And the man of the stick is not the only one who decided not to renew it for other seasons, as the makers of the series “The Family” had previously announced that it would be one season of 30 episodes.

This decision came at the request of Turkish action star Kivanc Tatiltuğ, who stipulated this in order to agree to star in the series.
The series, whose script was written by writer Hakan Bonomo, traces the controversial aspects of the relationships between the same family, as its events begin when Aslan (Kivanc Tatlitug), the leader of a prominent crime family, meets and falls in love with a psychiatrist, Devin (Serenay Sarikaya), and she rejects her. his family.

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