Girl, 12, ‘stabbed to death by two classmates in German woodland’ pictured

The victim, identified only by her first name Luise, failed to return home after visiting a friend on Saturday.

She has been pictured today as attention grows on the shocking case.

A massive police search uncovered Luise’s body in a forest near a former railway station in the western town of Freudenberg.

Two teenage girls, who confessed to police, are believed to have posted a TikTok dance following the stabbing.

They are aged 13 and 12.

The girls’ comment section on TikTok was reportedly flooded with comments such as ‘how could you do this’ and ‘I can’t believe it’.

According to local media, Luise had been bullied at school.

German newspaper Bild claims she was murdered ‘in revenge’ after she confided in an adult about the situation.

Speaking yesterday, Florian Locker, head of Koblenz police’s homicide department gave further updates on the two teenagers questioned in relation to the death.

He said the two girls, aged 12 and 13, ‘made statements about the matter and in the end admitted the crime.’

Luise had been friends with her killers but the trio had fallen out, according to reports.

Source of data and images: metro

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