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Furious pro-trans protesters condemn Florida's proposed ban on child sex changes

A transgender protester injected herself to gasps during a meeting where she and others opposed plans to ban so-called gender affirming care for children.

The unnamed woman, who had blue hair and horn-rimmed glasses, declared: ‘I was once a trans youth, and now I’m a happy 22-year-old trans adult… this is my healthcare, don’t tread on it.’

It’s unclear what was in the syringe, although many transgender people take regular hormones, often intravenously. 

Other notable speakers include a person who didn’t share their gender identity, but who said they first considered suicide aged just two. That person told the hearing of how they’d gone on to have their breasts removed at aged 15.

A third protester, who wore a black KN95 facemask, claimed to have grown up in the aftermath of Nazi Germany, despite looking no older than 60. 

She likened attempts to ban sex changes for children to the actions of Adolf Hitler, her voice trembling with emotion as she spoke.

The scenes came as Florida’s legislature is considering banning minors from receiving sex-reassignment prescriptions, also known as puberty blockers. 

As the debate over child transitions raged on, another speaker took to the lectern to reveal they had considered suicide aged just two. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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