Barcelona Zoo and Park Güell launch an ‘app’ for visitors with disabilities

He Barcelona Zoo and the Park Guell in Barcelona release two technological solutions, which are included in the program InnovAction 2030 and that focus on inclusion of visitors with disabilities sensory, cognitive and physical to generate “accessible experiences” to the whole society.

In a press conference this Friday, Barcelona City Council, Barcelona de Serveis Municipals (B:SM) and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona Foundation explained that their objective is “to respond to urban challenges and take advantage of technology” to make more inclusive the visits to the Barcelona Zoo and Park Güell.

The third deputy mayor and president of B:SM, Laia Bonethas declared that they are happy for the presentation this Friday of the two applications in which they have worked for two and a half years with the aim that “everyone” can enjoy the leisure of the park experiences.

The commissioner of Agenda 2030, Barbara Ponsadded: “We put emphasis on the innovation of our structures to create a collaboration process with other entities and make tools for technological humanism that allow to integrate to the maximum the society”.

The Park Güell proposal is a company application play&go experiencedeveloped by the ‘project manager’, Gerson Beltranwho explained: “The aim is to make it a simple app and to be able to anticipate the visit to reduce stress and uncertainty of visitors with disabilities. During this testing phase we have received 162 comments for improvement.”

“The application has a digital map that communicates the entrances of the park, points of interest, if there is a path or stairs, it has audio guide with videos and images and a telephone for emergencies. There is 438 people who have downloaded the app and we have verified that the intellectual need is the most recurring”, reported Beltran.

“What creates wealth in a country are the people and for me the wealth of Barcelona is diversity”, added the ‘project manager’ of Play&go Experience.

The technological solution proposed by the Zoo is a conversational bot, called Zoobot, created by the company La Tempesta: Ciudad, Cultura & Tecnología and capable of interacting with the user.

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The tool has been presented by the head of the project, Raquel García, who has clarified that “it is an easy-to-read interactive app with multimedia elements and it has an instant messaging tool that provides information, emergency calls and contact with Zoo staff”.

“The project started in May and is in the implementation phase, it continues to be tested with real users and in the future it is planned to complement the app with artificial intelligence”, García concluded. EFE

Source of data and images: elperiodico

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