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Outlast Star Reveals Where They Stand With Their Former Teammates After That Crushing Finale

But one of Jill’s biggest competitors out in the wild was undoubtedly Javier Colón from Bravo Camp.

“The whole point to make with Javier presenting himself as this heroic person that’s defending himself against the big bad wolf Jill, is that his entire team left him, right?” she shared. “There are 900-plus hours of footage per contestant—so that’s times 16 of footage that was taken the whole time that we were out there—and you guys get to see about eight hours of them.”

While the runner-up wouldn’t necessarily change the show’s outcome, does she have any regrets about her sometimes-villainous strategy (which included encouraging Justin to steal two contestants’ sleeping bags)?

“You have to sleep with what you did out there and I don’t have any guilt for the way I’ve played the game,” she explained. “It was a game. When you play a board game with someone and you hop over someone else’s checker and you take their piece, you don’t apologize and take them out to dinner because you feel guilty for that.”

“I really don’t have remorse for any way that I played the game,” Jill reiterated. “My integrity will always be my priority and loving another individual will always be more important than any cash.”

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