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Comic Relief FIRST LOOK: Gordon Ramsey plays the recorder while Jamie Dornan sings for Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest brought a host of familiar faces together with a hilarious Red Nose Day sketch. 

Ahead of Friday night’s fundraising telethon, Gordon Ramsey recited Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the recorder while Jamie Dornan sang with ‘no voice’ as celebrities audition for the talent show. 

First up was Jamie, who stood before the panel with a message scrawled across a piece of cardboard. 

In the hilarious clip, the actor when on to reveal that he couldn’t perform the song that had been written for him by Paul McCartney because he ‘had no voice.’

The panel were left baffled by his audition as they reminded him that it was a singing competition and sent him on his way. 

Next up to try his hand at impressing the judges was Gordon, who took to the stage with an out of tune rendition of a nursery rhyme. 

The high pitched squeal echoed around room, forcing Lulu to make a sly exit while Sam and Graham were left arguing over who would break the bad news to Gordon. 

‘We’ll put you down as a maybe,’ the chat show host grimaced as the angry chef snapped the instrument over his thigh and told the judges to ‘F*** off.’ 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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