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Putin strange lie to the Russian public exposed in embarrassing mishap

One of the peculiar falsehoods peddled by the Kremlin about the Russian President was brought to light due to a mistake on live TV.

It has long been claimed that Vladimir Putin manipulates the Russian public into submission, that the country now follows the old Soviet Union mentally that the majority should not interfere in politics. Not only is this claimed, but it is often said that Russia has “its own realities”. Some of the “lies” peddled by the Kremlin are on a larger scale such as the Russian foreign minister insisting they “did not attack Ukraine” a fortnight after the invasion last year. Another misinformation spread was on a smaller scale, prior to the war taking place, in a bid to keep the President’s absence under wraps. However, this strange lie was once caught by eagle-eyed Kremlin watchers.

Source of data and images: daily-express

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