De la Fuente explains his revolution and settles the Ramos case

Luis de la Fuente’s new list, with 14 novelties and 15 absences with respect to the World Cup in Qatar, gave way to the explanations of the coach, who had to overcome several questions about the already announced absence of Sergio Ramos.

“We are not going to talk about people who are not on the list. I convey all my admiration and recognition. There is a new coach who bets on some players. I’m betting on them and I’m here to give them confidence”, commented De la Fuente, who went into a little more about the talk he had with the PSG central defender. said goodbye by letter of the selection. By video call We told each other everything we had to say to each other,” he explained.

a cohesive group

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It was difficult for the coach from La Rioja to escape the debate about the former Madrid player. “He criterion that will prevail is mine. I don’t have to talk about Sergio Ramos, I already talked to him about what I had to talk about. The issue is not opening or closing doors. If Ramos isn’t on the list, it’s because I trust the 26 that are more.”

The Spanish coach argued his decisions when drawing up the list: ”We want to create a cohesive group and a team, which is what worries me. There will be no one untouchable, we have a lot of competition and those who are in better shape at all times will come. You have to be faithful to an idea. Any system will adapt to the idea of ​​the game,” he added.

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