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Men lie about size of their penis to inflate ego – and add on more than an inch, study finds

MEN lie about the size of their penis to inflate their ego, a study found — adding on more than an inch.

Blokes allowed to report on their own manhood’s length declared an average which was “dramatically” larger than the norm.


A study found blokes lie about the size of their penis to inflate their ego and add on more than an inch[/caption]

Some even claimed to be better endowed than the world-record holder.

The study recorded various physical measurements taken at home by 224 Danish fellas, including willy size

The country’s average erect length is 14.88cm (5.9ins) — but respondents put down an average of 18.02cm (7.1ins).

Researchers removed any ridiculous answers, including some who fibbed they were bigger than 34cm (13.4ins), said to be the world’s largest.

The men were more honest about height, weight and fitness.

Study author Jacob Dalgaard Christensen, from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, said: “The deviation is too extreme to have occurred due to measurement error.

“The participants’ self-reported size was 21.1 per cent larger than the Danish average. Men, on average, exaggerated the size of their erect penis to portray themselves in a self-serving way.”

He called it a “marker of masculinity”, boosted to raise self-esteem.

Past studies found 85 per cent of women were satisfied with their partner’s package, with just 55 per cent of men happy with their own.

A 2015 global study found the average erect penis length is 13.1cm (5.16ins) while the NHS puts it between 13cm and 18cm (5ins to 7ins).

Recent research suggests willies are 24 per cent larger than 29 years ago, which experts say could be down to environmental chemicals.

Source of data and images: thesun

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