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Who is Lance Reddick's wife Stephanie? Widow he leaves behind

The widow of the late actor Lance Reddick enjoyed a quiet, humble life with the Hollywood star for almost 25 years before his tragic death aged 60. 

Their low-key 2011 wedding in Minnesota typified their modest lifestyle, which came over 12 years after they met when he acted in a theater where she worked. 

While his co-stars splashed out on lavish ceremonies, Stephanie insisted on only two rules. ‘One was that everyone had to have fun,’ she said, according to MspMag

‘And the other was that Lance couldn’t see my dress before I walked down the aisle. That was it.’ 

Stephanie, who was Lance’s second wife, shared two children with the late actor, Yvonne and Christopher. 

She has made numerous red carpet appearances through the years as her husband starred in hits including White House Down, The Blacklist and Godzilla vs Kong. 

And while they spent most of their days in their classy $2.5 million mansion in Los Angeles, the couple decided to tie the knot in Minnesota to pay tribute to their humble roots. 

Brushing off an opulent Hollywood ceremony, they opted for the Midwest state because it was where they had their first encounter in 1999 while Stephanie was working on the set of the Gurthrie Theater. 

Source of data and images: dailymail

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