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Seven-year-old is carried away in tears after heartless goalkeeper SAVES his shots

Sad footage shows a seven-year-old being carried away in tears after a heartless goalkeeper from his favourite team saved his shots. 

Enok Varga, a young fan of MTK Budapest, was allowed onto the team’s pitch to score a goal on his birthday before a match began against DVTK Diosyor. 

Footage shows the boy excitedly running with the ball and aiming it towards the goal before the keeper effortlessly kicks it away. 

The child confidently retrieves the ball and tries again – only to have his score saved for a second time by the keeper. 

Members of the audience can be seen staring onto the pitch disapprovingly, while little Enok is carried away in tears. 

One comment on Twitter said: ‘Bet that goalkeeper feels massive. His ego must be extraordinary after those two mental saves. 

‘What a keeper he is. Saving from a young kid.’

Another person on Twitter wrote: ‘That goalkeeper is heartless.’

Source of data and images: dailymail

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