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St Paddy's Day revelers party into the night sinking Guinness spilling it down their green outfits

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations stretched well into the night across the country as revelers made sure to make up for the lull in partying over the last three years. 

Partygoers were seen laughing, dancing and drinking in busy city streets across the  nation, all while dressed in their best emerald green outfits to mark the traditionally boozy celebration.

The Empire State Building and the White House were both lit up in shades of green. 

Even those who weren’t wearing something to mark the occasion on their head still managed to raise a pint of the black stuff – one of Ireland’s most famous exports – to toast St Patrick, the nation’s foremost patron saint. 

By the end of the night, many looked a little worse for wear after indulging in one too many pints of Guinness, while others succumbed to a sugar rush after consuming some Lucky Charms cereal.

The partying began early with many starting the weekend ahead of schedule with St Patrick’s Day falling on a Friday this year.

Partygoers were seen lining the streets clad in green outfits in the early afternoon for the boozy celebrations, while spring breakers got into the spirit as they flocked to beaches and bars to get the party started early. 

Some wore green bikinis and painted their fingernails as they gathered at Fort Lauderdale Beach for a rowdy afternoon of drinking.

Source of data and images: dailymail

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